Hey! Hot Stuff

In the Wild West of the USA, the influence of local crops and fiery Mexican cuisine enriches daily repasts...chili peppers and garlic... ginger... the earthy warmth of cinnamon... These spices work both the sweet and the savory teams and are the foundation of Hey Hot Stuff, a culinary concept that breathes new life into sweet treats and every day bakery items.

Our Signature Treats

Black Pepper Brownies

Miniature and manageable, these two bite goodies leave you feeling warm.... a chewy fudge brownie with Mexican chocolate/cinnamon tones and an afterglow of heat from black pepper and a blend of ancho and other hot chili powders.

Hot Pepper Peanut Butter Cookies

The comfort and familiarity of the peanut butter cookie that gives you a warm hug afterwards... that's the cayenne pepper and the crispy coating of Toasted Walnut/cinnamon-sugar-hot-pepper combo that we roll the cookies in before we give them their distinctive peanut butter cookie crossed-fork stamp.

We also have a trio of Indian Spice Peanut Butter cookies... channa masala, curry powder and a touch of fiery pepper are the foundation upon which we have a little fun... we roll some in colorful candy coated fennel seeds... others we make as a jam thumbprint cookie, but with hot peach chutney! and the third cookie offers a subtle taste of candied ginger.

We can't decide which ones we like best, and we think you won't be able to either... that's why they come in a multi-flavor package.

Old World Artisanal Breads

These beautiful, hearty, crispy-crusted, tender-crumbed boules are made by hand, and we leave them alone, letting time do most of the hard work.

Our Popular Favorites:
Sorta Sourdough
Sun Dried Tomato & Herb
Chili Pepper & Lime
Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin
Morroccan Melange - dried apricots, golden raisins, blanched almonds, cardomom, ginger, rosewater

Available in half-pound and one-pound round loaves.